Thoughts for the Day: 3-18-2021

Hey I just finished up by walk on the beach with stand too and I had this thought – do I write in the journal or do I post it online like on the blog here for the world to see?

My question is… which would have the greatest effect?

Video of talking manifestation Stan2

What do I want? Do I want to have an effect on me? Or do I truly wish to share my thoughts with others?

If no one reads my blog, what difference does it make whether I write in a journal or publish it out to the world? There’s a certain logic to my writing and understanding when I write it on my journal in my own handwriting versus when I type it into a Blog.

Anyway, today I started working on a new adventure which I’m really excited about. It about a machine that cleans the air of about 99.99% of all pollen, germs, virus, mold, dust and it’s called ActivePure Technology. It’s later in the even and for some reason, I’m tired, so I’ll write more about it tomorrow. I mean really – to get rid of Coronavirus and pollen at this time – to kill them suckers – isn’t that just phenomenal?

Click the image to learn more about ActivePure

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